Our history

70 years of experience

The end of the 2nd World War generated waves of initiatives all over the Italian territory and in particular in the Brianza area.

Various industrial activities were starting and multiplying, highlighting the skills, the efforts and the enthusiasm of all those people who were contributing to the reconstruction and development of the country.

It was precisely in that period that TAF ABRASIVI was established, on 23 October 1953. This Italian company made a name for itself from its very beginning, due to the high quality of its products. Within a short time it was able to conquer a significant segment of the market. Backed by its family tradition and thanks to its intuitions, investments and capabilities, the company has posted continuous growth and development. Today it is acknowledged as being the “Italian manufacturer of reference” in the abrasives industry.

The pillars of TAF Abrasivi are based on several skills. The research and development capability, led to the invention and introduction in the 60ies of the flapdisc, still today an undisputed and irreplaceable metalworking tool. The attention paid to the market, demonstrated by developing innovative products and updating them according to the needs of the industry and handicraft sectors. Ongoing improvement of its organisational structure to offer an increasingly qualified and punctual service.

Production is carried out in Monza – Italy, in a modern factory with an area of 18.000 square meters. The manufacture inlcudes a broad range of coated abrasives with cloth, paper and fibre backings together with reinforced cutting and grinding discs.

TAF products are always strictly controlled so they can be used in total safety, and are above all designed for processing metals. TAF abrasive tools are also widely used in the glass, wood, plastic, marble and leather industries.

TAF ABRASIVI, thanks to its efficient and widespread sales network, is able to offer its customers in Italy and worldwide a technical/commercial advice service in order to identify, distribute and use products meeting customized needs.


TAF ABRASIVI implemented an automated warehouse system.


Totally computerized management system for domestic orders.


TAF ABRASIVI opened its first foreign branch in Spain.


Turnover reached 20 millions for the first time.


TAF abrasivi obtained its first ISO9002 certification.


Jumbo rolls production width was increased to 1420 mm.


Starting the production of flapdiscs with bonded abrasive flaps.


The range of cutting and grinding discs is launched.


Significant modifications to the production plant bring the width of TAF’s jumbo rolls from 940 mm to 1240 mm.


TAF Abrasivi opens a plant fully dedicated to coated abrasives conversion.


The sales network in Italy was further strengthened starting from this year. This soon led the company to become leader in the domestic market.


The flapdisc with abrasive flap inserts, TAF ABRASIVI’s flagship product, started to be produced also in 110 mm diameter, which today is extremely popular.


Export sales activities started, leading in the following years to the acquisition of important foreign customers. The spread of TAF ABRASIVI products in the world begins.


All activities moved to the current site in the city of Monza, in Via Beato Angelico. TAF launched the first flapdisc with abrasive flap inserts in 165 mm diameter.


Head offices were moved to Monza too, in the same location of the production area.


The production plant is moved to Monza in Via Casati while the offices are relocated to Via Zuretti, Milan.


On 23 October, engineer Vincenzo Cortese founded the company with registered office in Milan, in Via Villoresi.