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In TAF’s laboratory, all the raw materials used for production are rigorously tested initially and then controlled during the production process.

Before leaving the factory, all TAF’s products are subject to spot checks, all of which are carried out according to the strictest parameters in order to guarantee that all the products delivered to our customers are of the best quality and suitable for even the heaviest applications.

After these quality checks, all finished products are stocked in a large warehouse where temperature and humidity are constantly regulated via air-conditioning.

TAF is proud to have earned a Quality System Certificate in 1996 under ISO 9002 standards, which was renewed till the latest 9001:2015 version.

All TAF products also comply with all the requirements of European Standards EN 13743 for Coated Abrasives, EN 12413 for Bonded Abrasives and EN 13236 for Superabrasives