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The company

TAF ABRASIVI was founded in 1953 in order to manufacture abrasive products. Since its origin TAF has constantly improved its broad range of top quality products which are today widely used in the metal industry.
A key aim of TAF has always been to develop the most modern production techniques enabling the Company to offer a top quality service to its customers.

Producion is currently undertaken in a modern factory with an area of 18.000 square meters. The manufacture of a broad range of coated abrasives with cloth, paper and fibre backings together with reinforced cutting and grinding discs has enabled TAF to maintain its high standing in the market place.

In addition to the metal industry, TAF products are also widely used in the glass, wood, plastic, marble and leather industries.

TAF ABRASIVI, thanks to its efficient and widespread sales network, is able to offer its customers in Italy and worldwide a technical/commercial advice service in order to identify, distribute and use products meeting customized needs.

Our history

The end of the 2nd World War generated waves of initiatives all over the Italian territory and in particular in the Brianza area.
Various industrial activities were starting and multiplying, highlighting the skills, the efforts and the enthusiasm of all those people who were contributing to the reconstruction and development of the country.


On 23 October 1953, the engineer Vincenzo Cortese establish the company with its headquarters in Milan on Via Villoresi.


The production plant is moved to Monza on Via Casati while the offices are moved to Via Zuretti, Milan.


The offices are moved to Monza too, nearby the production plant.


All the activities are moved to the current location on Via Beato Angelico in Monza.TAF patents and launches the first flap disc ever made. A flap disc size 165mm Ø with inserted flaps.


The beginning of a successful and constantly growing export sales plan that will see TAF products launched all over the World.


The production of flap discs is extended to discs in 110mm Ø, nowadays one of Europe’s best sellers.


Starting from January, the Italian sales network is expanded considerably, helping to make TAF one of the leading abrasive companies in the Italian market.


TAF ABRASIVI opens a second plant fully dedicated to the material conversion.


Significant modifications to the production plant bring the width of TAF’s jumbo rolls of abrasive cloth from width 940mm to width 1240mm.


The range of grinding and cutting discs is launched



The range of flap discs with bonded flaps is launched


The maximum width of production cloth is extended to 1420mm thanks to a further upgrade of the production system.


TAF ABRASIVI obtains its first ISO9002 certificate.


Demonstrating company’s growing success TAF’s turnover exceeds for the first time the threshold of 20 million euros.


TAF ABRASIVI opens in Spain its first foreign branch