Many years have passed since TAF ABRASIVI realized and patented the first prototypes of this amazing abrasive tool.

Yet it is surprising to note how nowadays so many producers are still proposing new similar versions, maybe even promoting them as novelties!

These discs, without adding so much to the original properties of the product, certainly testify its affirmation.
The flap disc consists of a semi-rigid backing pad, which can be plastic or fiber-glass, or more rarely other materials. On the peripheral band, flaps of cloth are applied partially overlapped and forming a fan shape.

The gradual consumption of the flaps of cloth allows a continuous regeneration of the abrasive part and thus a constant and even cut, providing advantages that can be easily understood.
The choice of highly selected raw materials, the technological research and the use of increasingly modern productive systems together with a know-how developed over more than half a century, make TAF ABRASIVI an undisputed market leader for what concerns performances and safety of this product.
As a further testimony of its technological leadership, TAF over the years registered several patents on flap discs.